Our Story

To create something beautifully simple you don’t ignore complexity, you first conquer it.
Creating simplicity, while maintaining an exceptional degree of quality, is a long journey. It’s the best option, but not often the easiest. Complete Plant Protein has just five ingredients. Simple? Yes. Quick and easy? No.
We are not just making a protein blend, we’re making a difference. We’re motivated by big ideas.
In a commercial world full of half-truths and white lies, we say it like it is—pure and simple.
We’re proud of the work we do, products we create, and contribution we make, but we’re not world changers; we’re local changers adding value on a personal level. We’re committed to making it easier for you to get your protein hit in a plant-based, transparent, tasty and trustworthy way.

How We Got Here

Since 2016, we have worked hard to craft an uncompromised plant based protein blend which delivers three of the highest quality proteins, in three divine tasting organic flavours, sweetened with natural katemfe fruit extract.

Beyond being a Complete Plant Protein, it is ethical, as it is free from all artificial and synthetic ingredients whilst avoiding all fillers and poor quality mass produced proteins such as rice and soy protein. We have also chosen environmentally friendly and sustainable proteins in order to support the earth, soil and good farming practices, whilst going local whenever possible.

We hold to a transparent label. We declare on pack and website exactly which countries our proteins are sourced from and how much of each plant protein is used.